yellow-collar-gwen.jpgMeet Gwen she lives on the East Coast of the United States. She is a sassy spunky little girl who loves playing with other dogs and humans. Gwen loves going to work with her Mum every afternoon and greeting all the co-workers and clients! She is even on the water bottles and holiday cards for the office. She is a bit of a therapy dog in that when someone is having a bad day, they will just get some snuggles from Gwen and instantly have a smile on their face!  

Gwen loves to go for walks and will start whining and jumping about when she sees her harness and leash come out. Gwen likes to wear different collars for fashion reasons, but when it comes time for car rides or walks it is a harness all the way to keep her safe and secure. Also with collars she has slipped those off before and run to meet friends!  

 Gwen loves the Chic Noir harness and lead set and also the Little Miss Pink as well. You can follow Gwen and her sassy life on Instagram @gwentheblackpug



paulie-profile.jpgMeet Paulie, he lives in the U.S.  He loves being outside, especially when the weather is nice; his backyard is one of his favorite places.  He pretty much goes everywhere with his Mom, so he loves car rides too. Besides his Mom, He loves food of any kind!  He will eat anything (it doesn't even have to be food!). He also loves playing with his big brother, Charlie. Charlie helps him burn off all of his snacks!  

He loves going for walks and would rather be off leash, but when he needs to for his safety, His Mom prefers a harness for him. Collars have a tendency to slip over his head since he is a pug!  

 You can follow him and his happy life on Instagram @PauliePugHamilton



Meet Lenny, he lives in the city that never sleeps, the one we all dream of visiting one day NYC. Lenny is one of the toughest and resilient pugs I know.  After a terrible accident Lenny lost one of his back legs, but his energetic sprit has not let that stop him. He love to get around town with trips down town catching up with his friends at the NYC Pug Meet ups.  

Lenny has a heart of gold and likes to spend his time fundraising for his chosen charities. By following Lenny and his promotions of Winston Manner you can help him raise money for the less fortunate four legged friends.  

  What Lenny loves most about Winston Manner is the quality, especially the packaging and quality metal hardware that makes the brand unique.  Lenny's favourite design is the Chic Noir harness and lead set, but he does likes to mix it up with a bit of Hipster and Bouncy Ball. You can follow Lenny and his charity work around town on Instagram @lennythepugnyc


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