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I am a cheeky Pug who lives in Queensland, Australia. I love playing at the park, meeting up with friends and keeping up with the latest fashion. Which is why I have designed a unique range for dogs with style, with a special focus on being adjustable for us hard to fit dogs.

Thank you for choosing my stylish designs, I am sure you will love them. I would love to see you in your new harness, leash or collar so please email me a photo or visit my Facebook page or Instagram @winstonmanner  Also if you have any feedback on how we can improve our product please be sure you give me a bark!

Meet the Team

Gwen - Chief Pug Officer USA


Meet Gwen, she is a girl who knows what she wants, Gwen is sophisticated, sassy and stylish.

Her aim at Winston Manner is to keep us up to date with the latest trends and fashions. She believes the perfect outfit requires in mixing colours and textures that contrast and compliment.

In her spare time Gwen love to spend time at the zoo. You can see Gwen and all of her pugimals and zoo adventures on Instagram and Twitter @gwentheblackpug 


Emma- Human in Charge


Meet Emma, she is my Mum and was delighted when one very intelligent, cheeky and somewhat podgy pug joined her family.

Ive introduced her to a whole new world of dog lovers and I only demand the best of everything.  However Ma was becoming increasingly frustrated by the lack of fashionable and adjustable dog harnesses and collars available, so she decided to develop a range.

Like many of you, I Winston am the love of her life. She believes all dogs deserves the very best and wants to help make this happen, both for the much loved family member and those not so fortunate pooches.

Emma would love to hear your feedback and recommendations you can email her

Nikki - General Manager USA


 Meet Nikki, she has a been a black pug lover all her life, currently the mother of Gwen, Nikki spends her time ensuring all of Gwen's diva needs are met.  

As General Manager of USA and Partner at Winston Manner, Nikki is focused on growing the brand and increasing distribution across retail outlets.

If you would like to stock Winston Manner in the US or find our more contact